2030 Health Predictions: Emerging Technology

February 13, 2020
Sloan Gaon

This blog post is the second in a series discussing PulsePoint CEO Sloan Gaon’s predictions for the future of healthcare. These blogs accompany a series of short videos in which Sloan gives you his insights into where health is headed by 2030. You can browse the full video library here

In the first blog post of this series, we explored the morality of health technology and how our consideration of it should help point our progress in the right direction. In this post, let’s take a closer look at some of the technology itself. This is technology that is emerging, and that has major implications for Health as we head towards 2030. 

The complex landscape of Health is being updated thanks to the addition of services that serve the entire healthcare ecosystem. With ridesharing, anyone can affordably reach treatment when needed. Health records are on their way to becoming interoperable through the blockchain, transforming how the healthcare industry delivers care and how patients access it. Digital health technology is intimately connecting its users to their own mortality—this demands sustained, continuous buy-in across the complex landscape of shareholders in Health. Patients, providers, institutions, payers and caretakers all need to share the load. 

And with this shared demand, the field is likely to shift. 

On the tech side, many are looking to Apple as their savior from healthcare data technology problems, but Apple can’t save us. A fail-fast mentality fails even faster in healthcare, and that’s exactly what Apple is known for. 

Another area of change is visible on the provider-side of things. Physicians are becoming savvier with technology as they become quants—health professionals with quantitative talents, touching on areas like engineering, computer science, and mathematics for powerful analytic capabilities. This will create a new relationship between patients and providers in which more information is understood and shared.

The future of healthcare will see new players in the tech space and a different breed of doctors as much in tune with their powerful data technology as steady-handed surgeons are with their scalpels. 

This is how access becomes the new antibiotic. 

HIPAA-compliant ridesharing services solve healthcare provider’s and patient’s needs alike. They enable clinics, hospitals, and rehab centers to easily assign rides from a centralized dashboard without anyone needing an app or a smartphone. Blockchain’s interoperability will bring medical research and advancements, patient empowerment and engagement, and increased global healthcare access and equality. All of this means improved medical outcomes for the masses.

These are just a few of the emerging technologies that are bound to dramatically change the healthcare landscape. Over the next decade, keep an eye on these tools as they develop to see where Health is headed. 

Thanks for reading. In the final blog of this series, we’ll talk about the business and economics of Health. What are your predictions for the future of Health? What are the healthcare marketing trends you expect to emerge? What medical trends will help us all live healthier lives? Share your predictions by using #2030HealthPredictions. Stay up to date on all of the latest insights into the world of health tech by subscribing to our newsletter here.

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