Full Speed Ahead Into 2020

January 13, 2020
Sloan Gaon

Today’s times are rapidly changing, especially in the world of data and technology. While some are up for the challenge, many companies are getting left behind in a whirlwind of paralyzations. As we wrap up 2019 and move full speed ahead into 2020, here are some anecdotes I use to lead a successful business.

  1. It’s all about the data: You need to start from a place of numbers. Understand the numbers, communicate the numbers and let the numbers inform your decisions. Your data will help you set your goals and create a business model that works for you.
  1. Have vision: First stop, reality check. Self reflect and analyze who you are and where you are in the marketplace as a business. Next up, define your strategy, your vision and your goals. Define, articulate, and distill this into a strategic one pager. Last step, get your priorities straight. Discover where the biggest boulders are and tackle them first.
  1. Value your culture: Getting your culture right is often overlooked. You want the right people on board. You want everyone to support one another and collaborate together. You want a working environment that leads to success. Your culture will help initiate this. Most importantly your culture will help cultivate a space where team members work together, communicate and show pride in their work.
  1. Process is key: Having a process and workflow is an essential step to building a successful business. This includes using the right tools, valuing the checklist manifesto, prioritizing efficiency and having a change before you have to attitude.
  1. Talk is cheap: You need to practice what you preach. While the set up and game plan are important steps, at some point you’ll have to go for it and start those engines. To make sure you are truly executing at your best you’ll need to make hard decisions quickly, proselytize your ideas to your team, separate fact from fiction, get the small wins quickly and develop thick skin.

And with that, I challenge you to take a step back and self reflect on the areas you feel are at and above where you needed to be this year, and the areas where you may have fallen short. Use this knowledge (powered by data, of course), to challenge yourself and fuel you into 2020.

Sloan Gaon is the CEO of PulsePoint, leading the company's vision and mission to deliver integrated, value-based digital marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers.

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