Futuristic graphic how technology, data, and policy transform the business of health and healthcare marketing

Futurecasting: How Tech, Policy & Data are Transforming Healthcare

August 28, 2020
Sloan Gaon

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone wishes they could see what’s coming down the pike at some point. 

Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons -- and whether the intel comes from a predictive analytics engine or a New Age astrologer -- as humans, we’re drawn to tools, solutions and rituals that hold the promise of helping us navigate unforeseen challenges and opportunities.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that no algorithm, population model or even Tarot card reader can give us a complete picture of the future. 

And while we can’t predict or control the future, we can chart a more purposeful future, with tools to help drive our decisions, and shape the strategies and policies we enact moving forward. Nowhere is this more applicable than when it comes to the business of healthcare and keeping people well.

The Future of Healthcare Will Always Be About People  

As a data-driven health marketing platform, we’ve got analytics and tech-enabled insights in our DNA -- but our crystal ball is still focused on people and the content, events and policies that influence them. So when we think about the future of healthcare and how the business of health will look over the next five years, we look multiple, people-centric perspectives:  

  • What will the future of healthcare look like for patients?

How will people handle emergencies and urgent medical issues? Can technology help them manage chronic illnesses? How will shifts driven by regional, national and global events impact their mental health, and the decisions they make as a result? 

  • What does the future look like for HCPs (specifically doctors)? 

Facing shrinking margins, a disjointed system of insurance and regulation, and a rapidly aging population, how do they best manage their work/life balance? Is there even such a thing as a “typical” workday for them anymore? And what about tools that can help keep them informed and guide their continuing education?  

  • What is the future of healthcare (and work) for a health marketer? 

From sales reps that can no longer go knocking on doctors’ doors, to brand managers building out engagement plans tied to the approval process of their new drug, what are the trends and factors shaping their daily lives now? Is there a way that technology and data can help create more favorable business outcomes for them, too? 

Whether patient, HCP or pharma marketer, they’re all people on different journeys -- but they’re all impacted by the same core triggers or determinants for their daily lives (and health):  

Global events (and their environment), data and technology. 

We’ll explore the intersection of those themes -- and how they’ll shape all of our lives moving forward at the PulsePoint Digital Health Forum - The Future Was Today.

PulsePoint 2020 Digital Health Forum

Join us Oct 6 for a series of virtual sessions that will uncover some of the keys to navigating this brave, new tech-enabled but dis-connected new world, including: 

  • What’s in our future and the upside of change 
  • Health betterment through data 
  • Necessary innovations and how industry can lead meaningful change

While no one can see the future five years out, we’ve curated a group of speakers and topics in the hopes of helping the digital health business community imagine and dream -- so that we’re collectively more purposeful in charting a smart, creative and compassionate way forward.

Register now.

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