Health is personal. Health Advertising should be too.

May 30, 2018
Chris Neuner

Like most marketers, I believe in the promise of personalized marketing. But like many of my health marketing peers, I’ve always wondered: by being personal about health, are we crossing a line?

To find out, we (PulsePoint) commissioned primary research with 1000 consumers across the country, to find out what people actually think about receiving health ads personalized to their needs.

Download the full research paper here.

We found that consumers view healthcare advertising as a resource, and based on this belief, consumers are willing to engage on a personal level. Not only are consumers open to targeted health ads, but many prefer targeted advertising.

  • 79% are open to receiving targeted medical/health advertising, as long as they consider the information relevant.
  • 54% prefer targeted digital healthcare ads.

What does this mean for marketers?

  1. With so much data available, marketers can explore combinations of behavioral, clinical and contextual data to achieve micro-targeting for their ads.
  2. Marketers now have the added responsibility of creating personalized marketing messages. In addition to manually creating multiple versions of digital ads for different sub-segments of consumers, there are now new tools that create versions organically.
  3. Or, for a simpler solution, marketers can distribute their pre-existing content in a targeted way using automated platforms.

With the sentiment of GDPR in the air, we’re exploring ways we can give the consumer the content they need with the control they want.

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Chris Neuner, Chief Revenue Officer at PulsePoint, has 20 years’ experience driving performance in the interactive marketing and media space. He brings to PulsePoint a proven track record of partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies and agency partners to build successful businesses.

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