How Pharma Is Leading With Purpose

May 18, 2020
Chris Neuner

Healthcare companies are stepping up and out to show their support in these times through a variety of platforms and mediums. Partnerships are forming, generosity is exuding and companies are taking advantage of their leverage to not sit back and watch, but to take action and move with purpose.

As long as I can remember, marketing in healthcare was never overly focused on the parent company (ex. Pfizer), it was always drug specific (ex. Lipitor). But now, for the first time most of the news and coverage is around all of the great work the companies are doing. 

You may remember this chart of US Consumer Ratings that showed Pharma ranked near the bottom as one of the only few industries that had a negative consumer approval rating. Or hearing that Big Tobacco and Pharma were considered “equally evil”. While Covid-19, or any other crisis is never a marketing opportunity, it is time for consumers to understand that especially now Big Pharma = Big Hope.

Let’s take a look at all of the amazing efforts that are going on in the private healthcare sector.

  • Abbott Laboratories - Obtained emergency FDA authorization for its 5-minute coronavirus testing kit and will start manufacturing 50,000 kits a day.
  • Eli Lilly - Indianapolis pharma company is partnering with Vancouver-based biotech outfit AbCellera to develop antibody-based treatments for COVID-19.
  • Merck - Donated a supply of its multiple sclerosis drug interferon beta-1a to the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Paris for clinical trials on COVID-19 patients. The company’s North American life sciences arm, MilliporeSigma, is supplying several vaccine efforts with reagents and other essential raw products for vaccine development.
  • Gilead - Treated more than 1,700 COVID-19 patients with Remdesivir.
  • Novartis - Partnered with the Gates foundation to take on this pandemic directly 
  • And this list goes on…

I for one, am more proud of these accomplishments more than ever. And here at PulsePoint, we have stepped up with a $1M media pledge.

As a marketer, think about what you should be doing during this time with all of the amazing messaging available and you will be in good shape to make a positive impact. One such example is Johnson & Johnson.

Healthcare companies have an established platform in the world to share and send messages of value and importance. 

We must continue to speak up and empower, rather than watch and wait for others to take the lead. And so far, I am impressed.  

Please contribute any thoughts you have and most importantly stay healthy.

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