How Programmatic Brings Unexpected Relief During A Crisis

April 13, 2020
Maria Simeone

Healthcare is and will always be prioritized as an essential. 

The coronavirus has put almost every country in the world on alert, as the virus begins to impact the wellbeing and lives of people the world over. Behaviors are changing by the hour as more social distancing measures are put into place. The behavior of both people and business are shifting as a result and the impact will be seen on the media industry. Marketers are trying to figure out whether they should spend more, less or the same on their advertising during this period.

Health marketers will need to revisit their marketing plans in order to focus on: 

  • How they will maintain visibility with its community of customers and partners
  • Produce relevant content that will engage and inform their audiences during this period
  • Find a way to deliver content in the most sophisticated way possible
  • Do so in a way that makes sense financially

“Companies need immediate short-term planning for the current paradigm, as well as long-term plans that fit into what will be somewhat of a new normal long-term in terms of how people feel, think and act....individual and collective health and wellness will be an even bigger priority on the other side of this.” - Donna Murphy, global CEO of Havas Health & originally quoted in FiercePharma

Personalization is Everywhere

We now live in a personalized world and our lives today are shaped to cater to our personal needs. Technology is able to give us what we want or need, when we need it, in the most natural form for us, making our decisions easier, and frictionless. 

We’re surrounded by millions of digital and real-life signals. By organizing and making sense of these signals through a health lens, we can better understand how health consumers behave. Ultimately, we can use this knowledge to find these consumers and proactively interact with them about things they care about in ways most suitable to their natural state; communicating with each person individually, across full populations of people.

Let’s say you suffer from knee pain and are thinking about knee surgery. You’ve left a breadcrumb trail of signals that mark you as such: your online searches, your over-the-counter purchases, your Runner’s World subscription. Now imagine that, because of these signals, you organically start to see content about knee strengthening stretches, anti-inflammatories, costs of surgery and reviews of orthopedic surgeons. As a result of your research needs being fed to you, your decision timeline has been compressed and your health journey isn’t so intimidating anymore. You see your path and it’s easy to follow.

The Power of Programmatic

Programmatic personalization gives health organizations the power to refocus on patients and patient empowerment. We can get patients to the right clinical trials, bring diagnoses to light sooner, urge more people to participate in preventive care, or direct people to the right treatments, and we can do this in as personalized and as relatable a way as possible. Programmatic raises the level of sophistication of our industry. And it enables us to improve patient care and patient satisfaction, drive clinical outcomes and advance the mission of our organizations in the process.

Programmatic is an always on way for health marketers to continue to ensure that your work remains relevant and significant during these unprecedented times. Health marketers can and should continue to engage with audiences. 

Here’s why:

  • Programmatic can increase visibility and engagement with your target health audiences
  • Programmatic will allow you to continue to distribute relevant messaging and content that will engage and inform DTC and HCP audiences
  • Programmatic can optimize campaigns in the most sophisticated and financially responsible ways

Programmatic will help you deliver value to healthcare brands looking for health audiences.

How you leverage it will depend on your strategy and business needs. Check out our Covid-19 checklist for health marketers.

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