Promoting the use of vaccines to protect people against disease.

Moving the Needle on Vaccine Confidence

April 26, 2021
Sara Seigel

World Immunization Week, which promotes the use of vaccines to protect people against disease, is celebrated every year during the last week of April. This year’s theme, Vaccines Bring Us Closer, aims to increase trust in vaccines by promoting the importance of immunization in bringing people together and improving the health and wellbeing of everyone.

In honor of World Immunization Week, we’re asking industry leading experts…. How can we effectively move the needle on vaccine confidence? 

Getting to herd immunity is not about disseminating facts. It’s about managing emotions and inspiring people to believe in something bigger than themselves. Too many in the science and medical community focus on rational decision making and assume that folks can be reasoned with. The decision to get (or not get) the shot, to follow (or not follow) social distancing guidelines, or the willingness to believe misinformation is tied to emotions. Solving these challenges will require an acknowledgement and reframing of these feelings at a community level. 

Angie Lee, Global Head of Brand and Marketing, Samsung Next

Engagement begins with understanding. It is important that we lend both our ears and our voices to this cause. While promoting awareness and education are important, ensuring equitable access is our responsibility. We must keep our eyes on the prize and ensure that the systems put in place to deliver vaccines are not excluding or failing to include the most vulnerable among us.

Khandra Tyler-Beynum, MD, Chief Medical Officer, CLIO Consulting LLC

We know a “one size fits all” message will not get our country on the road to recovery we need, so building a communications platform that is flexible, to accommodate messages for multiple audiences, especially communities of color, is key to bringing this pandemic to an end. Customize for your specific audiences and leverage trusted messengers wherever possible. In doing this work, be authentic, empathetic, grounded in research and you will be effective in reaching audiences with important and relevant COVID-19 vaccine education.

Heidi Arthur, Chief Campaign Development Officer, The Ad Council

Spread success. That has to be you know, I stick by my original answers. The more that other healthcare marketers, the pharmaceutical industry, anybody involved can share success stories, the more the bigger the patient population will be convinced that they have to get vaccinated. They will trust more in the science and the data versus the hyperbole and kind of nonsense that's out there. And so, spread it, share it, talk about it. Pump it up as much as you possibly can. And we all win.

Steve Minichini, President, Media, Evoke

Cater your message appropriately to who your audiences are. So in some cases, it might mean simplifying certain things. In some cases, it might mean really doubling down on data. Being able to do that sort of in an effective manner will will only help as I mentioned, you know, to get more folks back vaccinated, education, and awareness is almost as important as the you know, the science and technology that got us here, because no vaccines are useful only they're in people's arms.

Vera Mucaj, PhD, Head of Trials & Chief Scientist, Datavant

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