Supplying Health Consumers' Demand with Smarter Advertising

August 17, 2018
Chris Neuner

What can I as a content marketer do today?

This is the final post in our blog mini series which analyzes PulsePoint’s first Health Advertising Consumer Perception Survey. In the first two articles, we looked at why Health advertising should be more personalized, and where content marketers should place their healthcare-related ads.

Now, let’s explore the next steps that you can take as a content marketer into the world of Health advertising in consideration of our survey.

We found that health consumers want to be educated when engaging with ads:

  • 74% are likely to respond to an ad providing an opportunity to receive educational materials
  • 67% are likely to respond to an advertiser-sponsored article

The latter statistic is huge for content marketers—two-thirds of consumers would respond to sponsored content if they find it relevant and informative. If your brand has great educational content already, make sure to get it in front of the right audience. Check out our blog post about targeting capabilities for your content distribution.

Further results show even greater promise, proving that healthcare ads are a successful vehicle for educating and activating consumers:

  • 56% of consumers say that a healthcare ad has impacted a healthcare-related decision they have made.
  • 68% have researched a condition online after receiving a healthcare ad.

Your content marketing efforts can actually jump-start consumer healthcare research, leading to even deeper engagement.

So, what can you start doing today?

  1. Don’t be afraid to go digital!
  2. Make your content relevant and educational.
  3. Don’t just rely on organic traffic, sponsored content is a great way to drive engaged audiences.
  4. Place your ads contextually, but consider non-contextual placement too. Just be aware to keep them as relevant as possible.

For more information and statistics on healthcare advertisements, download the full research paper. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to get more insights about targeted advertising delivered direct to your mailbox.

Chris Neuner, Chief Revenue Officer at PulsePoint, has 20 years’ experience driving performance in the interactive marketing and media space. He brings to PulsePoint a proven track record of partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies and agency partners to build successful businesses.

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