3 Programmatic Tactics to Update Your Marketing Plan

April 13, 2020
Maria Simeone

While Covid-19 continues to challenge the definition of normalcy, each day also presents itself with new opportunities for marketers to re-evaluate their programs. Luckily, programmatic personalization is real time, which makes adapting your healthcare marketing plan due to current events seamless.

As consumer behaviors change, the formats and channels that work best change too. The need for innovative ways to reach target health audiences has never been more important. In today’s reality how can we make the most of reaching our audiences? 

Adjust your video strategy to support changes in consumer viewing habits and viewer mindsets. 

Consumers are shifting more towards online activities and video viewing during the pandemic – whether shopping or watching content. With the increase in work from home and isolation, we expect both linear TV and streaming hours to rise. More people are home during daytime hours and standard consumption patterns are likely to shift.  If you are looking to strategically adjust your TV spend, increasing CTV allocations on programmatic ready-to-go deals is a quick way to deliver.

  • Consider whether newer channels like CTV and DOOH are right for your brand.  When used correctly, these channels can provide very cost effective reach for branding and awareness campaigns and often are not as encumbered by traditional brand safety concerns.
Increase engagement and optimal user experience with aggregated Native & Social Distribution

Rather than interrupt, native invites engagement on the consumer’s terms, especially on social media platforms, slipping into the stream of the audiences’ actions with content similar to what they’re already consuming. 

  • By only appearing in contextual situations that jive with a consumer’s experience, you can make human nature pick up the slack where traditional targeting falls short. A consumer who encounters a native ad has essentially been self-selected, indicating the ad’s relevance by making the decision to navigate to related (likely editorial) content.
  • Retarget audience with branded messages or sequentially target with native ads to continue engagement throughout user journey  
  • Expect social media usage rates to skyrocket over the coming weeks as people go to popular platforms to connect with friends and family, to get news and share updates of their own, and to pass the time. We suggest specific tweaks in messaging, creative, and targeting by industry/product so that you are reaching an engaged audience in the best way possible. 
Use contextually relevant health moments to reach qualified users 

With companies cutting ad spend during the COVID-19 pandemic and consumers shifting their lives online, contextual targeting and search extension have become increasingly vital for companies to effectively connect with their customers in brand safe environments and at appropriate times. 

  • Make sure you're working with a platform that supports health contextualization, not just legacy keywords. Health marketers often target content around the conditions they treat and platforms limited to keyword targeting won't know the difference between a page about Cancer the condition or Cancer the astrological sign, or automatically block keywords that are relevant to healthcare, like “blood”. Health is nuanced. Health marketers need a platform that understands their needs. 
  • Contextually target conditions, and treatment articles across health endemic and non-endemic publishers at the moment your audiences are seeking support and caregiving.

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