We can do more, together

As news and updates around Covid-19 continue, we know that you have received messages from every company you have ever shared your email with. We wanted to reach out from PulsePoint with a different message.

This message is about what we can do together, while apart.

We have launch multi-million dollar media pledge to immediately help health marketers deliver vital health messaging and recruit for clinical trial

Our core value has always been and will always be “delighting the customer” in sync with our mission of “achieving better health outcomes through data and technology.” There has never been a time where this mission statement has rung more true than in this exact moment.

The media pledge is available to immediately support health marketers in their efforts to reach digital audiences and:

  • Broadcast Covid-19 related public service announcements (PSAs)
  • Recruit patients for Covid-19 related clinical trials
  • Help recruit patients for current clinical trials which been impacted by Covid-19

We are all in this together and we see this as an opportunity to rise to the occasion, and come out stronger than we were when all of this started. Although it’s only been a few days of a new reality check, every day is certainly a fresh start and a welcoming opportunity to do great things in the world of health marketing. If there’s anything else PulsePoint can do to help, please reach out.

Onward and upward,
Sloan Gaon