Fueled by the growth in IoT technologies and increase in consumer-generated data, health data is on the rise

Why the Health Data Genie is (Already) Out of the Bottle

February 10, 2021

Information about your health is more accessible today than ever before. This has been fueled by the growth of IoT technologies — such as connected devices, remote monitoring, and virtual care services — as well as an increase in consumer-generated data via social media, internet searches, and wearable devices.

While the management and governance of this information continues to get stronger with new HIPAA provisions and an increase in state and private sector regulations, there continues to be chatter among the government and industry alike on how we should use this data.

Regardless of where the dust settles, the health data genie is already out of the bottle. As a result, we’re going to have to have to determine: As the world around us becomes more data-driven, where does the consumer draw the line? 

To better understand the consumer and the value they place on sharing their health information, PulsePoint surveyed 1,264 U.S. adults in November 2020.

From our research, one thing was abundantly clear: People inherently understand that better data drives better outcomes.

So what are the main drivers and break-points in the exchange of health data? And what are the meaningful ways in which marketers can respond? Download our latest research report to learn more.

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