Find out where and how each target customer is interacting with your brand...the minute it happens

Signal by PulsePoint™

With the most intelligent view of health audiences that refines and improves over time, Signal simplifies business operations around the use of health data.

  • More integrated measurement
  • Fresher data, faster access, greater confidence 
  • Improved activation

Because better data drives better decision-making.

Screenshot of the Life Platform


A unified customer-centric view of HCP marketing engagement and reporting

With HCP365, you can see how, when and where your audience interacts with all digital touchpoints of your brand, at the individual level.

HCP-level measurement and reporting 

Consolidate all HCP interactions with paid and owned media across channels into one place, with simple implementation and straightforward reporting.

  • Website: Learn the exact URLs HCPs visited and get insights about their behavior
  • Digital Ad Campaigns: Where were your ads served and to which HCPs 
  • Search Campaigns: Which search keywords drove which HCPs to your content
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing metrics integrated and normalized with other digital channels
Custom HCP triggers and messaging

Create custom sales rep triggers and HCP messaging and journeys based on content and keywords HCPs recently engaged with, and log level data for further analytics and attribution.

“HCP365 provides the granular insights necessary for us to customize HCP engagement strategies by segment. We’re able to take digital activity tied to an NPI number and find useful insights for future marketing investments”

Ray Rosti, Chief Digital Officer at Publicis Health Media.

Discover how HCP365 gives you unprecedented NPI-level data and insights.