Students learned resume and interview best practices, the skillsets of specific roles, and about entrepreneurship.

PulsePoint Gives Back: NYC Community Schools

September 22, 2021
Preston Connors

PulsePoint partnered with NYC Community Schools and Grant Associates to provide 215 students with advice and guidance on how to succeed in today’s technology and advertising industries as well as a workplace challenge where students produced their own COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy campaign which ran on PulsePoint’s advertising platform.

Students took part in resume writing and interview best practices, learned about helpful skillsets of an IT professional, joined a talk lead by PulsePoint’s CEO about entrepreneurship, and walked through how learning about the minute details of Minecraft can create a profitable business model.

PulsePoint also challenged students with a real world workplace challenge where the students created their own advertising campaign around COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. This involved PulsePoint’s industry experts teaching the students about how ad tech companies operate, common tools we use, and what a successful campaign looks like. The students used the knowledge they gained to create and run their own campaigns and a winner was chosen based on each group’s conversion rates from our platform.

“I really enjoyed meeting the students and helping them learn more about resume writing and interviewing. It was a rewarding experience, and I'm glad we were able to make an impact in their career development. Would love to volunteer again should another opportunity arise!”

- Riley Peng, People Operations Associate

"Working with Community Schools has been a highlight of my year so far. I wish that I had an opportunity in high school to work hands on with a real company, it would have been informative for my college career. The students were highly engaged and willing to embrace our lessons. I hope to work with Community Schools again in the future."

- Jordan Brickman, Director of Strategic Partnerships

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