Where Should I Place my Healthcare Ads?

July 12, 2018
Chris Neuner

In a survey 79% of consumers were open to receiving relevant health ads – 54% said they actually prefer targeted healthcare advertising. To utilize this knowledge, we as health marketers now need to focus on the environment in which those ads are being displayed, as well as on the strength of the content itself.

Setting is critical in all facets of life, and it is particularly pertinent in advertising. Two words come to mind when reading the stats: content and context. To connect with the right audience at scale, the key is to not put all eggs in one basket – consumers aren’t loyal to a single publication or to a single social media platform, making a diversified and flexible approach to paid distribution necessary. Using multiple types of channels – as well as multiple individual providers within each category – significantly amplifies your reach.

Potential of good health advertising

Health marketers have huge potential with content distribution in making ads both relevant and educational. However, content only extends its influence so far. To have success, content marketers must reach their audience wherever they are by harnessing the power of context. According to our survey data, health-related articles are a good place to start

  • 69% of consumers trust healthcare ads within health-related articles, even on non-medical websites (which is up from 59% for ads anywhere online)
  • 67% say they would respond to healthcare ads in this context (also up from 59% for ads anywhere online)

Contextualization tools scan and filter content on an enormous scale—in real time. Context can be defined by the marketer and can be established based on either positive or negative sentiment. For example, “place my product near” certain content and “I don’t want to be near” other content.

This sophisticated technology that understands specific terminology and applies AI and Machine Learning to continuously improve accuracy is a valuable asset in the fight to ensure brand safety for healthcare marketers.

As a content marketer, you know how crucial it is to craft useful content that encourages them to engage with your brand. More than half of consumers will still interact with those ads anywhere on the web. Understanding the context surrounding your ad placement and using it to your advantage will open new opportunities.

The combination of content and context creates an impactful advertising experience—the consumer is happy because they have received relevant content and the brand is happy because they have connected with their consumer in a meaningful way. Programmatic helps make these types of connections and it is important for healthcare marketers to embrace the advances in advertising technology to capitalize on this evolution and make their message even more impactful.

For more information and statistics on healthcare advertisements, download the full research paper. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to get more insights about targeted advertising delivered direct to your mailbox.

Chris Neuner, Chief Revenue Officer at PulsePoint, has 20 years’ experience driving performance in the interactive marketing and media space. He brings to PulsePoint a proven track record of partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies and agency partners to build successful businesses.

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