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Digital Health Forum 2020 Recap

October 20, 2020
Maria Simeone

A Future of Deeper Data, Purposeful Collaboration, More Equity and a bit of the Ridiculous

The Future Was Today.

2020 has been the year when everything was upended. The future we expected no longer exists. This year has challenged the status quo from all directions. Telehealth and technology have accelerated monumentally, while all in-person interactions have completely stalled. In this turmoil, how do you lean into change?

PulsePoint, the leading technology company using real-time data to accelerate health outcomes, organized their 2020 Digital Health Forum around moving digital health forward. On October 6th, a faculty of multidisciplinary leaders and forward-oriented minds led about 500 people from across digital health through an exchange of ideas and creative thinking to re-envision the future of digital health.

Overall, four key themes emerged:

  • Data makes the world go round. Health data will drive the future of our health and the health of our future. Inherent risks notwithstanding.
  • Purposeful collaborations across the public and private sectors are the way of the future. 
  • The lack of health equity across our communities is too striking to ignore. And solving it is the responsibility of every one of us.
  • We need to rethink, create, disrupt, and be ridiculous, because that’s the heart of innovation.

With specific regard to data, it became exceedingly clear why health data is forecast to be a $35 Billion market. The benefits are enormous: better population and community health, an efficient supply chain, and far more personalized care and conveniences for all. 

Digital Health Forum attendees gave the event a rating of 8.3/10. They said they were ‘creatively inspired’ by the promise of possibilities. 

We’d love to talk with you further about any of these topics. Email me if you’re interested, at msimeone@pulsepoint.com

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